If my vehicle fails the MOT test and is issued with a VT30,
how long do I have to get it retested?

Re-tests fall into two different categories. Some items such as lighting defects, horn, tyres, wipers, washers etc, qualify for a FREE re-test if the vehicle is presented back at the VTS that failed the vehicle before the end of the next working day. (Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays are not counted). A full list of these FREE re-test items can be found on the "Fees and Appeals" poster that should be displayed on the MOT notice board at every test station.

All other failures are subjected to a partial re-test, provided that the vehicle is re-presented at the test station that failed the vehicle within 10 working days. Some test stations will charge up to half fee for the partial re-test, others will do a re-test for free. This is a commercial decision for the test station to decide upon.

If the vehicle fails a partial re-test, or more than 10 working days expires between test and re-test, or the vehicle is presented at another test station, the test station will have to conduct another full test and is able to charge another full fee.

Please read the details printed on the VT30 for further instructions.

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